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  • “Feeling for the Anthropocene: Affective Relations and Ecological Activism in the Global South”. International Affairs. vol. 100. no. 2. pp. 731-749. February 2024.

Editor Reviewed

Book Reviews

  • Review of “International Theory at the Margins: Neglected Essays, Recurring Themes by Nicholas Onuf.” International Affairs. vol. 100. no. 1. pp. 407-8. January 2024.
  • Review of “Collective Memory in International Relationsby Kathrin Bachleitner.” International Studies Review. vol. 25. no. 4. December 2023.
  • Review of “Constructive Resistance: Repetitions, Emotions, and Time by Mona Lilja.” International Affairs. vol. 98. no. 5. pp. 1804-5. September 2022.

Select Commentary

  • “Pandemics, Politics, and Populace: Assessing Motives of the State.” Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement. April 2020.